Translating bitcoin knowledge to Hungarian.

From a crypto-enthusiast news blog in 2020, the site later became a bitcoin-focused educational portal, with free-to-read book translations.

I want to share my respect for the work of the original team, the translations, and saying a BIG THANKS to DenJah (174; 0x30513FaE68684E2c8C5C35afCaf2c154bF8a5210), Castillo de Pantoja (114; 1Etm6Q8kLfktTbpGFxQGXh1e3b1brYQHta), Ninjafire (146; 1KiFqxhfXBDbZUTQqMGfzLpQTumX7xG9TF), Dexpartacus (102; 1BTCKtnHPpccNvJzpcJHwX67UQKZbXQHJs), JimJam (37; 0xe77E7038dB8C8dDD787Af092AC1b9EAa681D51f2), Maxwinter3D (10), CryptoChiapas (5), Judy Smith (1).