About us

Translating bitcoin knowledge to Hungarian.

Originally in 2020, we were a bunch of crypto-enthusiasts, and we’d like to dive into the ocean of information, collect and interpret the point of things. Yes, we were hardcore shitcoiners, as they say. Then things changed, so the crypto part is gone, and the site will become a bitcoin-focused portal, mainly with education stuff. I translate bitcoin-related books, articles to Hungarian, and share them free here.

I want to remember the team for the work, the translations, and saying a BIG THANKS to DenJah (174; 0x30513FaE68684E2c8C5C35afCaf2c154bF8a5210), Castillo de Pantoja (114; 1Etm6Q8kLfktTbpGFxQGXh1e3b1brYQHta), Ninjafire (146; 1KiFqxhfXBDbZUTQqMGfzLpQTumX7xG9TF), Dexpartacus (102; 1BTCKtnHPpccNvJzpcJHwX67UQKZbXQHJs), JimJam (37; 0xe77E7038dB8C8dDD787Af092AC1b9EAa681D51f2), Maxwinter3D (10), CryptoChiapas (5), Judy Smith (1).