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1.75 million USD investment to Rarible

The popular NFT minter and marketplace got a 1.75 million USD investment fund. Last year…

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Tokenized real estate from Enjin

The team of Enjin mostly works in the gaming sector, but now they are trying…

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NFT-NFT swap on VeChain

The VulcanForged marketplace implemented an exciting new feature, you can now swap between nft’s. So…

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CryptoPunks NFT for 605 ETH

Another big NFT purchasing appeared as a rare CryptoPunk changed hands for hundreds of ether….

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The majority of crypto-people hadn’t heard about NFT

Crypto.com published a survey and it returned some surprising results. 47% have heard about NFT…

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Dr. Who card game NFT on Ethereum

The popular English series also inspired an Ethereum-based trading card game that will expect to…

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The Enjin Platform is free now

The platform, where you can mint NFTs, and the using those in your app or…

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KuCoin start the NFT-support

As press release, the exchange will enable the NFT-deposits on the Pool-X platform, namely from…