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Sino-Global starts bitcoin-mining, their stocks soared

The Nasdaq-listed shipping giant launches a new division for BTC-mining. They will be purchasing miner…

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45000 seized ASIC in Iran

Iran had changed its crypto-regulation, and now the bitcoin-mining requires a license from the government….

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MicroBT miner-manufacturer wants to be public

MicroBT is the second biggest mining-device manufacturer after Bitmain. Now they want to list themselves…

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Hashpower migration from China to Nordic countries

A lead of Genesis Mining, Philip Salter told to Bloomberg, there is a significant exodus…

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Illegal mining farm in Bulgaria

The Bulgarian police seized roughly 1000 ASIC miners, which were deployed in a small village…

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Miners are in profit, again

There was the halving in May. In every four years, the block-reward for the new…

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You can stake your ether trought Bitcoin Suisse

One of the oldest crypto-service in the world said, they will support the ETH2.0, from…

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You have to wait until ’21 May, if you order ASICs

The manufacturers have a long delay in the shipping, due to the delay in the…

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Institutions will reshape the bitcoin-mining

In the start of ASIC-mining, they called the cryptosphere as Wild West. There was only…

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The Marathon and Riot compete for U.S. market

The Marathon and Riot are engage in Bitcoin mining in United States. The Riot is…