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1,25 million USD for bug-bounty

Sovryn, the bitcoin-based defi protocol, offers 1,25 million USD for white-hat hackers as bug-bounty. They…

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DEX on Theta Network

The ThetaSwap just started on their network. Theta is one member of the small group…

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Defi will seduce the developers

Ethereum is the first platform-project among cryptos. But it wasn’t so long ago for them…

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Kraken starts own Chainlink node

One of the biggest exchanges in the world decided to start an own Chainlink node….

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Rising of defi tokens

Uni and Aave slowly but steadily grow, and they are just overtaken EOS and Monero….

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Aave tokens on Matic

The popular defi protocol is the first, which use Matic’s second layer solution for Ethereum….

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New defi wave

Defi may accumulate strength for the next crazy ride, and thanks to this, the Ethereum-competitors…

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DeFi better prepare for strict regulation

In 2020 the defi exploded, in 2021 it may facing harder regulation.A new draft in…

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New defi indices want to represent the whole market

As like the S&P Global, or CBOE Global, the new defi index will cover the…

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Tokenized commodity-derivatives on Binance Smart Chain

On the Mettalex dex, by Fetch.ai, you can trade with tokenized commodities. The team will…