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Dash wants to escape from the privacy circles

Bittrex, one of the oldest cryptocurrency exchange, announced the delisting of DASH, amid the growing…

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BTC price may hit 1 million USD in 2021

McAfee had this prognosis a few years ago, which was considering a lunatic joke for…

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Merry Christmas!

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Ledger can’t compensate the hacked customers

In July, Ledger suffered a major data breach, and a huge amount of information had…

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BTC as “human rights defense system”

Alex Gladstein, leader of the Human Rights Foundation had a speech at the recent blockchain…

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CoinGecko and CoinMarketCap heating up the competition

CMC is undoubtfully the start page of the cryptoverse for many people. It is the…

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More full node on Ethereum, than on the Bitcoin

The flippening just happened, currently, there are more full nodes on the Ethereum network, for…