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Top 10 cryptocurrency blogs and websites to follow

Over the past few months, we have seen the crypto industry grow to unprecedented highs….

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Mitsubishi starts blockchain-based energy marketplace

Not directly, but they teamed up with the Technology University, Tokyo, to build a P2P…

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ING Bank is also eyeing cryptocurrencies

At a now ongoing fintech conference in Singapore, the bank shared with the general public…

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Apple founder Steve Wozniak is launch own token

The token will correspond to a kind of stake in Woz’s new startup for energy…

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Ripple: the time of BTC-maximalism is over

Ashees Birla, general manager of RippleNet lately said this in an interview, as the top…

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Australia and Singapore teamed up for common blockchain

They want to simplify the administration of trading and using digital solutions instead of paper-based…

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Agriculture dapp from BlockApps

The Ethereum-based TraceHarvest just started, with the service you can track the whole supply chain in…