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Not so much bitcoin-whales?

As we have written it before, Glassnode said there are more and more whales on…

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Blackrock bitcoin investment

The world’s largest investment company would invest in cash-settled bitcoin futures contracts through a CFTC-regulated…

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6900 enterprises watch MicroStrategy’s BTC-plan

Michael Saylor now the coolest evangelist of bitcoin in the view of the crypto community….

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Bitcoin today is like the internet before 2000

That is a wide-accepted view in the crypto-industry. This is understandable because both the internet…

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More and more bitcoin-whales

The number of wallets with 1000 or more BTC it’s bigger than the 10-1000 category…

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Bitcoin on World Economy Forum

A few years ago, this was almost unbelievable. Cryptocurrencies and the central bank digital currencies…

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Bitcoin Social Volume on the rise

Santiment calculates the Bitcoin Social Volume as the general crypto-related activity on social media. This…

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Cryptomarket is too small for the institutions

Analysts from eToro think the current roughly 1 trillion crypto market cap is not enough…

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More rules incoming, and it’s good

There is a new president in the USA and the head of Treasure made a…

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More Google-search for bitcoin than for gold

We saw this rate last time in 2017. Now the search for “buying bitcoin” is…