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New defi wave

Defi may accumulate strength for the next crazy ride, and thanks to this, the Ethereum-competitors…

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More rules incoming, and it’s good

There is a new president in the USA and the head of Treasure made a…

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The Brave browser supports the IPFS

Finally, the developers integrated the Interplanetary File System into the Brave, so users now can…

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Mitsubishi starts blockchain-based energy marketplace

Not directly, but they teamed up with the Technology University, Tokyo, to build a P2P…

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IMF-poll: central bank digital currency is real money?

IMF started a poll on Twitter. They have asked the Twitter community, should the cbdc’s…

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More Google-search for bitcoin than for gold

We saw this rate last time in 2017. Now the search for “buying bitcoin” is…

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Infinite Fleet token offering for real shares

The browser RPG game lifts crowdfunding to a new level, and they will raise money…

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45000 seized ASIC in Iran

Iran had changed its crypto-regulation, and now the bitcoin-mining requires a license from the government….

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DeFi better prepare for strict regulation

In 2020 the defi exploded, in 2021 it may facing harder regulation.A new draft in…

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Binance’s defi index hit new ATH

The Binance Defi Composite Index follows the defi-tokens of the exchange. It grew around 70%…