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6900 enterprises watch MicroStrategy’s BTC-plan

Michael Saylor now the coolest evangelist of bitcoin in the view of the crypto community….

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Ethereum-Polkadot bridge

The Acala defi-platform brings the Ethereum smart contracts to the Polkadot with the Ethereum Virtual…

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DEX on Theta Network

The ThetaSwap just started on their network. Theta is one member of the small group…

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Crypto mining on the Russian government’s networks

It’s doing by hackers, not the officials and employees. Experts think the computer infrastructure of…

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Defi-dapps in the MyEtherWallet Mobile

The app of MyEtherWallet has monthly 1.3 million users. They can use dapps on Ethereum,…

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Fall of bitcoin-mixers

The bitcoin-mixer is a service, where your transactions are mixed with others’ ones, make the…

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1.75 million USD investment to Rarible

The popular NFT minter and marketplace got a 1.75 million USD investment fund. Last year…

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Sino-Global starts bitcoin-mining, their stocks soared

The Nasdaq-listed shipping giant launches a new division for BTC-mining. They will be purchasing miner…

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China and SWIFT launch a common business

They funded the Finance Gateway Information Service Limited with 10 million Euro. The Chinese government…

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Builder-contest in Decentraland

The crypto-based VR announced a new, open builder competition. Decentraland just released the latest, cyberpunk-themed…