About us

We were. Then things slowed down, and the truth came along, the Bitcoin is the signal, and others are not that important as one could believe. Transformative, let me say it.



We are a bunch of crypto-enthusiasts, and we like to dive into the ocean of information.

We think, there are so many happenings every day, we have to collect, extract, and interpret the point of things unless we just lost in the flood.

Miki from Hungary. He started this blog, without thinking about the necessary enormous amount of work, which will be essential for success.

Castillo de Pantoya make the Spanish texts, if you want to donate his work, you can tip some satoshis: 1Etm6Q8kLfktTbpGFxQGXh1e3b1brYQHta

NinjaFire cover the French section, if you want to support hers efforts, also would be nice to send funds here: 1KiFqxhfXBDbZUTQqMGfzLpQTumX7xG9TF

DenJah, from Bosnia & Herzegovina, just made for us our awesome logo and he will contribute to the Serbian-language posts. He likes the ETH better than BTC: 0x30513FaE68684E2c8C5C35afCaf2c154bF8a5210

Say hello to Jimjam, our Hindi expert, from the mystical subcontinent of India, who is also an ether-fan, as you can see the provided tip-address: 0xe77E7038dB8C8dDD787Af092AC1b9EAa681D51f2

Meet Dexpartacus from Italy, who will write the Italiano translations, next to his Youtube-activity. You can donate him with BTC: