90% of Ethereum’s transactions come from the defi

DEFI is overrepresented on the newest yearly report by DappRadar. Next to NFT, DEFI is the biggest thing of this year. Ethereum’s growth came mostly from this sector, 90% of the daily volume went through the top10 DEFI DAPPS. More than half of the collected network fees were counted as being from Uniswap.

During the summer the crypto community realized DEFI is not just an interesting side route. They found it has the potential of a real financial revolution. As the sector exploded many other chains tried to jump to the wagon with more or less success. TRON and EOS already have smart contracts so they could step into the DEFI landscape but Binance would have to build its own Smart Chain first. ETH is still dominant. Almost half of the new DAPPS are released on Ethereum.