IBM wants -270 Celsius for their upcoming quantum-computer

They have to build a strong cooling chamber because -270 degrees is practically absolute zero. With this they increase computing power 20-fold. Seems by 2023 they will reach the 1100 qubit capacity. This is not a personal computer. Plans for 3 meter tall and 2 meters wide personal computers from IBM have been talked about. Too big for a traditional home desk and will need lots of energy for the cooling.

The development of quantum computers is continuous. Lately reports have arrived from China that about a new machine a trillion times faster. This is very unlikely. The majority of people are skeptical as this would mean a 10 year leap forward in technology. Widespread quantum computing may challenge the current cryptography methods and protocols including cryptocurrencies. When danger of falling behind technologically we hope to be able to easily upgrade our systems in order eliminate the quantum disadvantages.