UNI-SUSHI competition

In theory the two top10 defi protocols are now in competition. The data that can be used to prove this theory is not so clear. Depending on which numbers are chosen one could be made to look better than the other. They both have outstanding numbers. Uniswap has 346 million USD daily volume. Sushi has 45 million USD daily volume. The volume of the UNI has more then double the volume of the SUSHI token. In the world of Sushi liquidity mining is still in progress so this may help activity.

The summer of DEFI was realized in the numbers of tokens and in the number of platforms too. There were many attendants with plans to copy the success of Uniswap. Up until today SUSHI is the strongest player against the leader DEX. There is still plenty of room for growth. DEFI only has a small 15 billion USD in market volume when compared to the one hundred billion USD in the crypto market as a whole. DEFI, when compared to the traditional financial sector, is invisible.