The Origin Protocol compensates, the defi gets serious

In November, a flash loan attack had hit the Origin protocol, taking $ 7 million away from them. This is a common thing so far, the defi it’s a risky sector. Now, in turn, the team has announced that it will compensate its users, almost everyone in 100%. And those with larger amounts should expect a slightly longer process. This is a big step forward, compared to the projects so far posted on their homepage to be “beta, at your own risk”, and that was consumer protection.

Defi is particularly at risk of an unexpected damage event. The Binance plainly says that funds are SAFU, and this is evident in its reputation, they had already proven that it really is. There are various insurance and coverage options in traditional finance as well, it’s time they show up on the defi also. If the sector wants to be taken seriously.