Aavegotchi will launch soon

In the Tamagotchi-like defi&NFT hybrid game you get a digital “pet”, a pixel-ghost to raise, train, equip, and battle with others’ creatures. But we are talking about a love-child of defi and NFT, so here are few tricks in the protocol. You get your ghost, as the symbol of your stake, your collateral. This is not your average breed game. Of course, you lock your crypto, so you get yield, like in every defi protocol. The dev team is backed by the Aave project, they are delivering the defi-part.

And the story could become interesting when the prices going wild. The equipment in the game are NFTs, they have value. And the ghost also has value, because there is collateral behind it. And you can get back your locked funds only if you “sacrifice” your ghost. So as a playable character, your pet is just gone. After all, the basic idea and the gameplay looks promising, I am curious. The game will be starting in early 2021.