A loan from Fidelity, with bitcoin-collateral

The digital asset division of big investment company, Fidelity Investment started its BTC-backed loan service, for bigger customers. For average people, there are several options in defi protocols, for crypto-backed loans and borrowing. But not for the funds or miner companies, until now. They have a big stack of bitcoin but may need liquidity also. It was only a matter of time, the basic feature from defi, hit its road to the big players’ fields.

Bitcoin-collateralized loans were one of the first defi-applications. But loans are so big business, the companies had to find the way into the sector. The first regulated, secure way now arrived, thanks to the Fidelity. The institutional, company partners now can loan cash for their crypto, this wasn’t possible previously with the poor (or non-existed) legal frameworks in the defi.