Dr. Who card game NFT on Ethereum

The popular English series also inspired an Ethereum-based trading card game that will expect to debut in 2021. Starter packs, on the other hand, are now available on the team’s official website. And since it will run on a blockchain, the cards will exist as tokens thanks to NFT technology. So the players will have cards, they can control them. You have to imagine this in the same way as CryptoKitties, but here you will have an actual game and you can not just play as Tamagotchi.

The NFT gaining popularity in the gaming industry, and many experts say it will replace current game development and game management methods over time. Whether this will be the case will be decided by time. In any case, a trend can see. The only negative we can mention is that CryptoKitties virtually paralyzed Ethereum in 2017, it became so popular that it overloaded the system. Dr. Who, as a world-renowned sci-fi legend, will expect to give the lesson to the network thoroughly.